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How Does the Healthcare Law Protect Me?

ACA Insurance Agent in LodiThe Affordable Care Act is implementing several major changes to the healthcare system in 2014 that can be beneficial to individuals and families. The ACA affects most people in one way or another, so it’s important to know how each aspect will affect you as most changes take effect this year.

Lifetime and Yearly Health Insurance Limits

Insurance companies can no longer set a limit on how much can be spent during the life of your healthcare plan on necessary care and treatment. Previously, insurance companies could set limits, even on essential care, which frequently would lead to people not getting the care they need because their coverage has run out.

Similarly, insurance companies also cannot set limits on essential care on a yearly basis either. Insurance companies can still set limits on other, non-essential treatment on a yearly and on a lifetime basis, but if patients can always get the necessary care they need, this is a great protection for individuals against insurance companies. These benefits apply to nearly all existing health insurance plans starting this year.

Protection from the Healthcare Law

One of the major differences that has already come into effect is that insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to someone with an existing medical condition. Previously, patients would incur a serious medical condition while uninsured, and would be turned down nearly unanimously by insurance providers. This can result in overwhelming medical costs due to the patient for necessary treatment.

Another protective aspect that will go into effect in 2014 is the requirement for employers of more than 50 employees will be required to offer coverage to their employees. Without the option of a group plan through work, many individuals simply cannot afford plans on their own.

The hope is that, due to a fee system that will increase drastically over the next few years for those who are uninsured, all Americans will eventually be covered.

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