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Small Group Benefits

Employer Group Benefits

McClerkin Insurance Services offers a full range of group health insurance products and services to business both large and small. McClerkin is able to help you navigate the complex world of health insurance and choose the plans that will best fit the needs of your business and your employees. From Major Medical to Comprehensive Medical plans, McClerkin is here to serve you.

Group Health Insurance Plans

Under the Affordable Care Act, most companies over 25 employees will be required to offer health insurance to all eligible employees. This act does not require companies to offer insurance to an employee’s spouse and/or dependents, but this coverage can often be an attractive benefit to your existing and prospective employees. Also, under the Affordable Care Act, any plan that does offer dependent coverage must do so for that dependent until the age of 26.

Major Medical plans, often known as Catastrophic plans, are the most affordable type of health insurance plans. These plans come with lower premium costs, and often have coinsurance options. Typically, these plans will range from 60/40 to 80/20 splits, where, once the deductible is met, the insurance company will pay 60-80% of the cost of the medical care, and the insured will cover the remaining 20-40%, until the yearly out of pocket maximum is reached. After that, the insurance company will cover the medical care at 100%.

Comprehensive Medical plans typically cover medical expenses without co-insurance options, but rather co-pays that vary based on the services received. Office visits, for example, are often less than visits to urgent care or the hospital. These plans often come with a higher premium both to the company and the one insured.

Many Americans receive medical insurance through their employer’s group insurance policy. For employees, this is the most cost effective way to receive medical insurance. For companies, this is often a major benefit that you can offer your employees.

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 Is A Group Health Insurance Plan Right for My Company?

If your business has more than 25 employees, the Affordable Care Act will require that you offer insurance to your employees.

Offering Health Insurance is a benefit that top talent looks for when choosing where to work. Offering a Health Insurance benefit can help you hire and retain the best and the brightest in the workforce and offering a family plan option often puts your company ahead of others in the industry.

Health Insurance premiums paid by the employer are considered normal business expenses for income tax purposes. This should be a consideration for every company.

What Can McClerkin Insurance Services Do for Your Business?

At McClerkin Insurance Services, we:

  • Help navigate the complex world of health insurance.
  • Provide guidance in changing your plans to comply with the Affordable Care Act.
  • Offer a full range of coverage options to fit your company’s budget and goals.

How Do I Get Started?

  •  Step 1: Determine your employee group size. In the world of insurance, the larger the pool, the more stable the costs are to both the employer and the employee.
  •  Step 2: Decide what level of employer contributions your company is comfortable with. This will be a factor in determining the type of coverage offered to employees.
  •  Step 3: Contact us to discuss what plan options best fit your company.